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The following paintings will be available at the show:

"Medway Creek" by Ron Mabee "Canyon Golf" by Ron Mabee "Burleigh Falls" by Ron Mabee
"That Wanaka Tree" 
by Lynne Pinchin
"Tales of Paradise, Zamba Island" 
by Lynne Pinchin
"Old Man in the Tree" by Sheri Cappa
"Into the Mist" by Lois Fuchs "Great Eggspectations"
by Lois Fuchs
"By the River" by Lois Fuchs
"Entangled" by Sharon Brassard "The Sleepover" by Sharon Brassard "Point Pelee Colour Wheel"
by Sheri Cappa
"Yellow Lady's Slipper" 
by Marilyn Kidd
"The Humble Hosta" 
by Marilyn Kidd
"Showy Lady's Slipper Orchids"
by Marilyn Kidd
"Glass Rose" by Daniel Brassard "Pas-de-Deux" by Daniel Brassard "Rose of Sharon" 
by Daniel Brassard
"Watson's Mill" by Mike O'Malley "Riverbank" by Mike O'Malley "Bird Feeder by the River"
by Mike O'Malley
"Waterlilies" by Pat Edgerton "Whispy" by Pat Edgerton "Copper Zone" by Pat Edgerton
"Raindrops" by Penny McLaughlin "Peonies" by Penny McLaughlin "Daisies" by Penny McLaughlin
"Grotesques, Notre Dame, Paris"
by Amelia Husnik
17th Century Gables, Amsterdam"
by Amelia Husnik
"Palatine Chapel in Aachen Cathedral" by Amelia Husnik
"Carolinian Leaf Combo"
by Anita Caveney
"Red Headed Woodpecker"
by Anita Caveney
"Flamboyant Fowl"
by Anita Caveney
"Abstract Waterfall"
by Donna Rolston
"B.C. Forest"
by Donna Rolston
"Nature's Beauty"
by Donna Rolston
"Bouquet" by Jean Rosati "Fantastic Fall" by Jean Rosati "Majestic Tree" by Jean Rosati
"Apple Blossom"
by Michele Stewart
"Celebrate Spring"
by Michele Stewart
"Vintage Rose"
by Michele Stewart
"Alluring Glow" 
by Jean Grady
"Stony Rapids"
by Jean Grady
"Capturing the Warmth of the Sun"
by Jean Grady
"Spring Blossoms" by Gail Gifford "The Guardian" by Gail Gifford "Ol' Fargo" by Gail Gifford






"Venetian Sparkle" by Susan Moore

"A Nights Rest" by Susan Moore 

"Pink Sherbert" by Hilda Markson Gray

"A Secret Place" by Toni Ciantar Poole  "Flowers from a Friend" by Janice Howell  "The Bruce Trail" by Janice Howell 

"Lunch at Pinecroft" by Janice Howell "Storm Clouds Over Canola Fields" by Len Hughes 

"Young Girl-Otavalo Market" byLen Hughes 

"Still Life in Blue" by Len Hughes 

"The Chipmunk and Her Umbrella" by M. Bakkenes 

"Dressed for Spring" M. Bakkenes 


"The Goldfinches' Buffet" by M. Bakkenes 
"Bamboo #5" by Judy Ross
"Bamboo #6" by Judy Ross
"Blowing Yellow" by Moira Burke "Fresh Morning" by Moira Burke "Rising" by Moira Burke
"Pond Power" by Caraleen Baker "Calla Lily Dream" by Caraleen Baker "Sunrise at the Reservoir" 
by Caraleen Baker
"Four Canoes" by Maria Murillo-Furlonger "Another Secret Place" by Toni Ciantar Poole  "In the Cove" by Toni Ciantar Poole 
"Field of Gold"
by Brenda Roberts
"Iconic Iris Bed"
by Brenda Roberts
"Sunflower Splendor"
by Brenda Roberts
"First Kiss"
by Diane McClure
"Day is Done"
by Diane McClure

'Broad Perspective" by Diane McClure




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1972 - 2023

The Brush and Palette Club marks its 50th anniversary this year.  The Club originated when Dorothy Heaven, an artist and teacher, started painting sessions for a few interested women.  When the instruction ended, the group decided to stay together and formed the Brush and Palette Club.

At first, they met in the home of Wyn Slemon who continues to be a  member of the group.  By 1989, the original group had grown to 50 and the need for increased space led them to meet in St. Aidan’s Church Hall.  This remained their home till 2016, when they moved to Riverside United Church. The membership is now at 110 members with 9 honorary members and a substantial waiting list.

The goals of the Club continue to be the same as when it started: to be a not-for-profit organization that provides a supportive environment for its members.  To that end, the Club is dedicated to offering a positive social atmosphere that encourages interaction and sharing of ideas.  The Club meets monthly (except for July and August) and has a potluck luncheon in September and a Christmas luncheon in December.  The Club provides opportunities for its members to learn more about art and artists through presentations by invited speakers or through excursions to visit art exhibitions.  A very important aspect of the Club is the program of seven one to three day hands-on workshops with distinguished artists on a wide variety of topics and in various media.  Some monthly meetings are devoted to having the members' works critiqued by a talented local artist.

 In addition to furthering the artistic talents of its members, the Club also strives to promote and encourage the visual arts in the community.  One such initiative is the granting of a $500 scholarship to a Secondary School student who will be continuing in the study of art after graduation.

Because of the Covid 19 virus the club had suspended the monthly meetings, workshops and shows.
Since the beginning of the pandemic the club has not had any meetings, workshops or shows.

We are happy to announce that all activities have resumed in September 2022.